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Pipa Peterson's St. Patrick Day 2022 69 Bent Fishtail Vera in Nickel

Made In Ireland 2022
Limited Edition Made in Ireland 2022
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Production Year: 2022

Nation: UK

Shape: Bent

Filter: No

Form Dimension: Media

Weight (Gr): 54

Mouthpiece Material: Metacrilato

Length (mm): 125

Bowl Height (mm): 49

Outside Diameter (mm): 36

Hole Diameter (mm): 18

Hole Depth (mm): 35

Shape : Bent *

Serie: St Patrick Day 2022

Finishing: Rusticated

Rim: Rusticato

Bezel: Nickel

Filter : Yes

Bocc. in Spigot Graft Green Methacrylate 

Size: Medium

Since 1998, an annual special edition of the St Patrick Day line has been produced, featuring some of Peterson's most popular shapes in a festive and distinctly Irish finish that is unique for the year.

The 2022 edition celebrates this tradition by elevating the beloved shapes of the Classic range with bright nickel frames, emerald green acrylic cups, earth, dark brown flecks and our antique rustic finishes.

Each pipe is also accompanied by its own matching green leather pipe holder.


About the Shape  

One of Peterson's more traditional and classic designs, this curved Billiard forgoes the prominent transition and heavy stem of the more stylized variants in favor of a leaner, angular profile.

A lightweight classic suitable for hands-free smoking.