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Used Pipe La Savinelli Giubileo d'oro 602 Curva Liscia Italy Estate

Used Pipe La Savinelli Giubileo d'oro 602 Curva Liscia Italy Estate

Made in Italy 1970
Estates italian pipe
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Production Year: 1970

Nation: IT

Shape: Bent

Filter: No

Form Dimension: Media

Weight (Gr): 42

Mouthpiece Material: Ebanite

Length (mm): 140

Bowl Height (mm): 48

Outside Diameter (mm): 38

Hole Diameter (mm): 18

Hole Depth (mm): 39

The Model 602 classic curved Billiard is very proportioned and with a great balance in the mouth, it is one of the best known shapes in the world of the pipe.

Here proposed in the Golden Jubilee and it is a historical Savinelli production

The meaning of Golden Jubilee is "fiftieth anniversary" and this underlines the rarity of these pipes. In fact, only 0.1% of the overall choice is considered suitable for this predefined series. Perfect material and exceptional grain, a combination that nature sips and gives us, making this pipe a very rare jewel. The selection methods are transmitted only orally, dictated by Savinelli's experience and high quality standard, a guarantee of seriousness and elegance

Finding a jubilee with this well-kept Flame is really difficult 

Pipe Excellent price quality The internal walls are kept in perfect condition like the whole pipe 

Status: Used Refurbished

Value of the new: € 547 

Form: Bent

Finishing: Smooth

Rim: Smooth

Year: 1970

Ring nut: No

Mouthpiece: Ebonite 

Quality: *****

P.S. The quality is indicative and varies from 1 to 5 stars. The evaluation is given by Mr. Pierpaolo Spinozzi on the basis

wear, the quality of the briar, the quality of the mouthpiece and wear of the stove