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Pipa Sasieni London Made 4 dot Natural "STRATFORD" Bent Rodata

Made in Londo 1950
Estate English pipe
Sold out

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Production Year: 2022

Nation: UK

Shape: Bent

Filter: No

Form Dimension: Medio-grande

Weight (Gr): 59

Mouthpiece Material: Ebanite

Length (mm): 141

Bowl Height (mm): 53

Outside Diameter (mm): 40

Hole Diameter (mm): 21

Hole Depth (mm): 44

50 years and not hear them

If you are looking for a classic briar from an established and quality brand, you cannot afford to give up this vintage and collectible piece.

Its shape, very particular bent with a protruding chin, is very beautiful and very different from the classic shapes of Sasieni that have passed under my hands.

A beautiful flame that starts from the torch flows into a beautiful partridge eye in the front part of the stove

'Pierpaolo Spinozzi'

Status: Used Refurbished

Form: Bent

Year: 1950/60

Ring nut: No

Mouthpiece: Ebonite

Quality: *****

P.S. The quality is indicative and varies from 1 to 5 stars. The evaluation is given by Mr. Pierpaolo Spinozzi on the basis

wear, the quality of the briar, the quality of the mouthpiece and wear of the stove