Discover Floppy 40°, the pipe of our 40 years
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Magic Cloth to restore and polish your pipes! First rub the pipe with the beige part and then go over it several times with the dark part until it is completely polished. The magic cloth guarantees more than 1000 cleanings Weig...
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Paste to regenerate and polish the mouthpiece of your pipes. Very easy to use. Put the paste on the mouthpiece, after letting it act for a minute, rub vigorously with a bit of cotton wool. And that's it
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Dissolve nicotine for pipes and cigar mouthpieces. It is enough to lightly wet a pipe cleaner with a little of this liquid and then pass it as you normally do to clean a pipe. Once passed, let it act for a few minutes and then ...
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Complete kit to always keep your pipes clean and shiny Dissolve nicotine, polish pipe and polish mouthpiece in a convenient kit at an affordable price
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Convenient tin box created for the celebration of Savinelli's 140th anniversary. The package consists of Nikosolvol 18ml (for cleaning the inside of the pipe)Pipe Polish 18ml (for cleaning the outside of the pipe)Stem Polish (e...
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Details Savi Clean contains a 50ml bottle of sanitizing liquid, specific brushes for cleaning the pipe head and mouthpiece and a support cloth. Assembled in a convenient transparent blister, it is simple to use and useful for k...
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Rub the cloth on the external burner of the pipe and on the mouthpiece vigorously and for at least 30 seconds in order to deposit a light film of invisible silicone wax on the surface. Always put the cloth back in its packaging...