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Pipe Castello Pipe Shape 44 Oval Old Antiquari KKKK

Hand Made in Cantù Italy 2021
Hand Made in Cantù Italy 20211
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Production Year: 2021

Nation: IT

Shape: Shape 55

Filter: No

Form Dimension: Medio-grande

Weight (Gr): 63

Mouthpiece Material: Metacrilato

Length (mm): 143

Bowl Height (mm): 48

Outside Diameter (mm): 49

Hole Diameter (mm): 20

Hole Depth (mm): 38

Model # 44

Usually very light and very short this Shape 44 is a little more 'Shapely' than usual.

However, it remains a classic evening or theater pipe.

The oval head allows you to fit the pipe comfortably in the pocket. However, the hole in the stove remains round, in order to guarantee an optimal smoke.


Shape : Shape 44

Finishing: Sandblasted

Rim: Sandblasted

Size: Medium

Black colour

Mouthpiece: Black methacrylate