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Castello Shape 93 Egg 'Pescatora or Cacciatora' Old Antiquari G

Hand Made in Cantù Italy 2021
Hand Made in Cantù Italy 2021 Bicolor
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Production Year: 2021

Nation: IT

Shape: Ovetto

Filter: No

Form Dimension: Grande

Weight (Gr): 58

Mouthpiece Material: Metacrilato

Length (mm): 130

Bowl Height (mm): 70

Outside Diameter (mm): 37

Hole Diameter (mm): 24

Hole Depth (mm): 50

Gran Curva a flask called "cacciatora or pescatora" for its particularity of being able to remain in stable balance resting on the teeth so as to allow free movement to the hands: this particular line of Castello was born in about 1950 as an armchair pipe but the following evolutions they have consecrated as an indispensable work tool.

Shape: 93 Egg

Finishing: Sandblasted

Rim: Smooth

Size: Large

Color: Black Orange

Mouthpiece: Spigot methacrylate