Discover Floppy 40°, the pipe of our 40 years
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Convenient tin box created for the celebration of Savinelli's 140th anniversary. The package consists of Nikosolvol 18ml (for cleaning the inside of the pipe)Pipe Polish 18ml (for cleaning the outside of the pipe)Stem Polish (e...
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Drop-shaped ceramic pipe laying for 1 place, 100% Made in Italy product.
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A perfect combination of style and elegance, has given life to this beautiful Billiard Medium will give you unforgettable smokes Held in excellent condition, it features an intact ebonite mouthpiece and a perfectly smooth burne...
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The Classic Model 128 Billiard is very proportionate and with a great balance in the mouth, it is one of the best known shapes in the world of the pipe. Here proposed in the Golden Jubilee and it is a historical Savinelli produ...