Discover Floppy 40°, the pipe of our 40 years

La serie Cumberland è proposta in 5 modelli diversi: 514 KS, 601, 702, 806, 812, solo foro 3mm. Finissaggio liscio colore marrone cioccolato e bocchino in ebanite Cumberland.

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The 702 model is a successful example of a Liverpool pipe. Similar in shape to the Billiard style, Liverpool are part of the Canadian family, generally straight pipes with a long barrel. The stove has a medium capacity.
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Convenient tin box created for the celebration of Savinelli's 140th anniversary. The package consists of Nikosolvol 18ml (for cleaning the inside of the pipe)Pipe Polish 18ml (for cleaning the outside of the pipe)Stem Polish (e...
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Drop-shaped ceramic pipe laying for 1 place, 100% Made in Italy product.