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Pipa Usata Charatan's Make London Supreme Billiard

Pipa Usata Charatan's Make London Supreme Billiard

Hand Made in England
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Production Year: 1970

Nation: UK

Shape: Billiard

Filter: No

Form Dimension: Medio-grande

Weight (Gr): 63

Mouthpiece Material: Metacrilato

Length (mm): 161

Bowl Height (mm): 56

Outside Diameter (mm): 42

Hole Diameter (mm): 20

Hole Depth (mm): 49

Simply fabulous this Billiard Supreme with undisputed charm.

Estimated production from the 1970s

The inside of the stove is perfectly smooth

The mouthpiece is in excellent condition but not original, it has been redone over time in methacrylate 

The contrast of the flame is beautiful

Status: Used Refurbished

Forma : Billiard

Year: 1970

Ring nut: no

Mouthpiece: Methacrylate

Quality: *****

P.S. The quality is indicative and varies from 1 to 5 stars. The evaluation is given by Mr. Pierpaolo Spinozzi on the basis of wear, the quality of the briar, the quality of the mouthpiece and wear of the stove.